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Fight Fit Bootcamp

About Arsenal CSC

Get to know us

Arsenal Combat Sports Club is a members-only fitness and martial arts facility located in Huntsville, Alabama. Home to a variety of mixed martial arts styles, we train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, wrestling, and submission grappling. We welcome everyone, from students with experience and professional fighting aspirations to enthusiasts looking to start training.


Arsenal CSC opened in 2018 as Arsenal BJJ. Arsenal BJJ  is the only Big Brothers Competition Team affiliate in the southeast. With schools in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, Brazil, and Northern Africa, Team Big Brothers has produced national and world champions under the lineage of 6th degree Black Belt and team cofounder Master Leo Dalla.

In 2021, we opened the doors on a new 5,000 sqft facility and expanded our program to encompass all the fundamental skills of an elite MMA program. We now provide a full-service training facility for both competition and self-defense.

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