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History of Wrestling

Regarded as" the World's Oldest Martial Art", competitive wrestling emphasizes physical strength, technique, conditioning, mental fortitude and tactical intelligence. With its multitude of techniques including throws, takedowns, pins, and reversals, wrestlers must be able to constantly adapt to their opponents'. Making it one of the most physically and mentally grueling sports on the planet.

On top of its competitive presence at multiple levels (middle school, high School, Collegiate, Olympic and Professional) as well as its athletes' success in MMA (mixed martial arts), wrestlings' role in building character, discipline, and resilience in people is second to none .

 Wrestling at Arsenal

The Saturday Wrestling Clinic at Arsenal (taught in conjunction with Over The Top (OTT) Wrestling) focuses on the art and science of wrestling from the ground up. Taught by one of Huntsville's most decorated High school & collegiate wrestlers  ( Coach Isaiah McDougal), Our program provides an environment for teen and adult athletes to explore this classic sport. Designed for wrestlers at all levels, from beginners to advanced competitors, the program emphasizes an intellectual approach to technique, strategy, physical conditioning and mental preparation.

Specific Goals for Wrestling Program:

  • Technique Mastery: Fighters will receive expert instruction in various wrestling styles, such as folkstyle, freestyle, and Greco-Roman, with a strong emphasis on refining technique and form.

  • Strength and Conditioning: The program includes tailored physical conditioning sessions designed to build muscle strength and cardiovascular stamina, essential for wrestling success.

  • Match Strategy: Participants will learn to analyze opponents and develop effective match strategies, enhancing their tactical acumen and decision-making during competitions.

  • Team Building and Sportsmanship: The program fosters a team environment where respect, integrity, and sportsmanship are paramount, teaching young athletes the importance of teamwork and ethical competition.

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Membership Includes:

  • Month-to-month 

  • Adults & Ages 13+

  • Saturday Classes

  • 4 Open Gym Sessions/Week 

  • 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions available

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