Kids Self Defense


Kids Self Defense is a 6-week program of structured drills and games to build a self-defense mindset in a comfortable and fun way. Kids will learn the foundations in self-defense concepts and techniques while building confidence. If you are looking for something for your child to get involved in or to better understand your child’s interest in Martial Arts, sign up for an orientation today.


A strong self-defense program should incorporate a variety of techniques that can be used as needed. We teach not only the technique but the understanding of why a technique would be more effective for a particular position or scenario.


  • KARATE for conditioning and efficient movement

  • JUDO for throws and creating distance between yourself and an attacker

  • BOXING for proper striking and body mechanics

  • MUAY THAI for range control and expansive striking techniques

  • WRESTLING for body control and explosive movement

  • BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU for use of leverage and body control


We incorporate small elements of all of these styles in teaching self-defense, as well as understanding conflict and building confidence. If you are looking for something for your child to get involved in or to better understand your child’s interest in Martial Arts before committing to a long-term program, give us a call to schedule an orientation.


Arsenal Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 2801 Governors Drive Huntsville, Alabama



Saturday 9:30am


6 Weeks



Next Session starts

August 15

6-10 year olds

$120 for 6-week course
$0 Registration Fee

Membership Includes:

  • 6 Saturday morning classes

  • No long-term commitment

  • Library of techniques to practice at home

  • Seminars (stretching, nutrition & safety)

  • Additional activities and social events

  • Opportunity to compete

What you can expect:

  • We develop a foundation for the study and appreciation of martial arts. 

  • Build confidence, resilience, and humility through supportive competition.

  • Reinforce a healthy mind, body, and community mentality.

  • Enforce rules and respect for the art, the mat, and peers to build self-discipline.

  • Cultivating problem-solving skills and reward hard work and determination.

  • Encourage each other in training and celebrate each other in victory.

Have questions? Drop us a note below.

Now Accepting New Students


Are you a parent thinking about a self-defense program for your child? Maybe a way to improve your child’s self-confidence? Or just a healthy structured outlet for their energy? 


Introducing the Arsenal Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kids Self-defense Program. Developed with educators and doctors, our 6-week program is designed to dramatically improve your child’s self-confidence, strategic thinking skills and self-defense capabilities all while having a lot of fun, making new friends and learning the world’s most effective martial art (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). What can you and your child expect from the program?


Build Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem


Many young children struggle with self-esteem issues, including a lack of self-confidence. It is our belief that self-confidence is the byproduct of working to overcoming challenges. We present students with challenges as well as tangible and intangible incentives (patches, awards, positive encouragement, etc.). whether it’s learning new techniques, winning at a competition, or achieving at school, our goal is to instill the resolve and mindset that no hurdle is too great if one remains committed to doing the work. What sets us apart is our use of structured games, fun drills and positive reinforcement within a structured and safe environment focused on teaching your child how to handle conflict and defend themselves. 

Learn and Practice Strategic Thinking Skills 


Bullying is not a new problem, but with changes in our schools, and society (Ex. Zero Tolerance Policies, cyberbullying), children need not only the physical skills but a comprehensive strategy to ensure all necessary boxes are checked (who started the fight, what was the intent, did they try to avoid the fight, any opportunity for intervention) and they are not only physically protected but also protected by the institutions involved. Through our Rules of Engagement and 3Cs of Verbal conflict curriculums, your child will have a proven strategy they can take anywhere in life to resolve their own conflicts as well become a leader in resolving the conflicts of others.  

Additionally, Our instructors are not only well versed in spotting the signs and dealing with bullying through leadership and empathy but boast nearly 15 years of professional experience in conflict resolution, teaching and mentoring young people with an array of challenges and circumstances.   


Learn the World’s Most Effective Martial Art 


Statistics show 90% of all physical altercations end up on the ground. Brazilian Jiujitsu is a ground-based martial art that uses leverage, timing, and body position to neutralize an opponent while giving the practitioner the ability to scale the level of their response to an attacker. In this way, a weaker opponent can defeat a bigger stronger opponent through technique. Our kid’s self-defense curriculum gives your child ~15 core self-defense concepts that can be easily applied to almost any self-defense situation they may face. With our emphasis on grappling, control and immobilizing opponents, students do not incur the physical or institutional risks associated with more traditional martial arts that emphasize striking techniques (kicking and punching). 


Give Healthy Way to Release Stress & Energy 


We all know Kids are balls of pent up energy. Even after a full day of school and a healthy recess break, they’re often still brimming with energy. This energy can either be constructive or destructive (we have kids too!) Our program's mixture of structured exercises, games, drills, and lessons allow the kids to run, jump, kick, yell, and blow off steam all while learning fundamental body control and critical self-defense movements through muscle memory.  


Build Strong Youth Friendships 


As a child making friends is both a difficult and extremely beneficial process. It’s widely believed that people bond through challenging shared experiences. Whether it’s through our daily class activities, outside events, or joining our CRASH youth competition team there is a strong chance your child will make long-lasting friends with the other children they practice martial arts with. 


Learn to Respect Authoritarian Figures 

One thing we can all agree on is the need for kids to respect authority. Be it their own parents, community elders, teachers, officers, and most importantly themselves. At Arsenal, we believe in “the village” concept that we all have a hand in guiding our students to be their better selves when they face adversity and anger. We challenge them to be leaders and good citizens in any environment. Therefore, we are deeply committed to providing family-based activities including in-house competition, community service projects, seminars, celebrations, watch parties, and cookouts to foster lasting relationships within our team, families, and greater community. 


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