Kids Self Defense

Kids Self Defense is an 12-week rolling curriculum of structured drills and games to build a self-defense mindset in a comfortable and fun way. In each class, students will learn a new self-defense technique while building confidence. This is the perfect program if you are looking to better understand your child's interest in martial arts, incorporate more physical activity in their schedule, or help build a self-defense mindset.

5-11 year olds

12-week curriculum

$75/month (cancel anytime)

Membership Includes:

  • Saturday morning classes

  • Self-defense techniques

  • Conditioning warm-up and work-out

  • Library of techniques to practice at home

  • Stretching, nutrition & safety lessons

  • No contract or long-term commitment


Arsenal Combat Sports 1808 Sportman Lane Huntsville, Alabama



10:30 am



12 Week Curriculum


No uniform required!

What you can expect:

  • We develop a foundation for the study and appreciation of martial arts. 

  • We build confidence, resilience, and humility through supportive competition.

  • We reinforce a healthy mind, body, and community mentality.

  • We enforce rules and respect for the mat and peers to build self-discipline.

  • We cultivate problem-solving skills and reward hard work and determination.

  • We encourage each other in training and celebrate each other in victory.


Our self-defense program incorporates a variety of techniques that can be used as needed. We teach not only the technique but the understanding of why a technique would be more effective for a particular position or scenario.


  • KARATE for conditioning and efficient movement

  • JUDO for throws and creating distance between yourself and an attacker

  • BOXING for proper striking and body mechanics

  • MUAY THAI for range control and expansive striking techniques

  • WRESTLING for body control and explosive movement

  • BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU for use of leverage and body control


We incorporate elements of all styles in teaching self-defense, as well as understanding conflict and fostering leadership. Sign up for an orientation today.


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