Dream Chaser


Arsenal Dream Chaser is a student membership with the goal of making combat sports more accessible. Train in BJJ, Muay Thai Kickboxing, wrestling or MMA. Selected students receive over 50% off premium membership fees with registration. Consistent training is required to maintain membership. Sponsorship opportunities available to registered fighters.




Student ID or pay stub

Application required

At least 2 classes per week

Unlimited cross training

Membership Includes:

  • Month-to-month

  • AM & PM classes available 

  • Custom uniforms available

  • No testing/rank fees

  • Competition camps

Our Values:

  • We develop a foundation for the study and appreciation of combat sports. 

  • We build confidence, resilience, and humility through supportive competition.

  • We reinforce a healthy mind, body, and community mentality.

  • We enforce rules and respect for the mat, our instructors and and peers.

  • We cultivate problem-solving skills and reward hard work and determination.

  • We encourage each other in training and celebrate each other in victory.

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